ARTOTEL Surabaya Paper Bag Custom Exhibition

16 November 2015 @Surabaya

ARTOTEL Surabaya presents "Paper Bag Custom"
exhibition in collaboration with the Serikat Mural Surabaya (SMS) with the format of Urban Art and paper shopping bag (paper bag) as a media. The exhibition will happen
for one month starting on November 13th until December 12th 2015 at Rotation ARTSPACE, lobby level.

Serikat Mural Surabaya is a creative young people community in Surabaya focusing on Street Art (mural, graffiti, etc) and Urban Art. Founded in 2011 by a well known local graffiti artist, X-Go and friends in order to build urban art community in Surabaya. Mostly the members come from alumni design communication visual students from some university in Surabaya and surrounding such as UPN, UNESA, ISI Yogyakarta and Denpasar, Petra, Ciputra university, and University of Muhammadiyah Malanng as well as an affiliation from other communities.

The reason to highlight paper bag as a theme of exhibition due to paper bag is commonly used by everyone to bring their grocery items. with simple shapes (square) paper, papaer bag is very suitable media to be proceed into a visual work with a variety of techniques. More, SMS has another intention to use paper bag as a media of creation, which is in order to support public campaign in reducing plastic bag consumption that are not environmental friendly.

The exhibition was open on November 13th, 2015 started from a press conference by Safrie Effendi as art manager ARTOTEL Indonesia at 02.00 pm. Followed by a workshop of "Doodling on Paperbag" in collaboration with Merlion School, Surabaya International School (SIS) and School of Petra. Besides that, there was activity of drawing on Vespa by Nego vs Doni, Merchandise corner, and Fun Bombing in giant paperbag by visitors, acoustic music by Tanda Tanya, and Food Truck Bazaar at ARTOTEL Surabaya's parking area.